Our occupant behavior research is funded by the USDOE under the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center for Building Energy Efficiency (CERC-BEE). We have been collaborating with Dr. Da Yan and his team at Tsinghua University, China, and industry partner Bentley Systems.


We are working with a large international community under the International Energy Agency, Energy in Buildings and Communities Program, Annex 66 - Definition and simulation of occupant behavior in buildings. Annex 66 has about 100 researchers from 22 countries. The preparation phase started in October 2013 and lasted for one year. The working phase started November 2014 and will last for three years. Annex 66 web site has more information.



We are working with ASHRAE MTG.OBB, a multi-disciplinary task group on occupant behavior in buildings. ASHRAE MTG.OBB was approved at the Orlando conference in January 2016. It has more than 35 members from various technical committees, standard committees, MTGs and universities.